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Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022

Friday, December 18, 2020

Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022

Which Cryptocurrency To Invest In?

Bitcoin (BTC)

The list of best cryptocurrencies to take a position in cannot start with a special cryptocurrency than Bitcoin — the world’s hottest cryptocurrency. The recognition of this digital currency is one of its biggest advantages against other players within the market.

As long as Bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market, investors will always enjoy high liquidity levels. Even during periods of market uncertainty. Over the years, Bitcoin has shown a volatile yet consistent growth.

With the Bitcoin Halving 2020 round the corner, the community expects Bitcoin to soon approach new historical peaks.

Ripple (XRP) — Best Affordable Cryptocurrency to take a position In

Third cryptocurrency by market capitalization but second in our ranking, Ripple (XRP) is among the foremost promising investments during this list. It’s solid technology and network are rapidly opening new opportunities within the field of international commerce, banking, and payment networks.

Remittance giant MoneyGram has received over $11 million from Ripple in 2019 to use its blockchain technology for payment solutions. «MoneyGram continued to expand its strategic partnership with Ripple because the first money transfer company to scale the utilization of blockchain capabilities,» the corporate wrote during a handout.

MoneyGram heavily relies on Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity, a product that runs on XRP. Institutional interest may be a key factor behind the bullish XRP 2020 forecast.

In February 2020, European money transfer service Azimo announced it'll also start using Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity to extend the speed of customer transfers.

The list of companies using Ripple services goes on and on. Experts believe 2020 will end in better adoption of XRP and thus its price will increase significantly.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is another cryptocurrency that you simply shouldn’t ignore in 2020. LTC is one of the fastest and most affordable cryptocurrencies when it involves payments. Its technology-forward profile has put this cryptocurrency the third place by market capitalization.

Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the sole currencies above Litecoin, this cryptocurrency offers huge potential at a far more affordable price index. Each LTC unit currently trades for fewer than $100, which provides a wider number of investors the chance to leap in.

Similar to Ripple, the worth of Litecoin also largely depends on adoption. Hopefully, for its supporters, the coin seems to be already on an honest path. Litecoin has recently confirmed it'll be integrated into regular ATMs in South Korea through a partnership with MeconCash.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum needs no introduction. Bitcoin could be the foremost popular cryptocurrency, but nobody can deny Ethereum is far and away from the foremost influential one. The reason is simple: the Ethereum blockchain enables thousands of projects to develop on top of it.

Standing a touch over $200, Ethereum remains an accessible investment for those beginning within the cryptocurrency space. The strength of this currency is closely associated with the strength of its network. The more decentralized applications and ecosystems counting on the Ethereum network, the more powerful ETH tokens will become. While it’s unlikely that Ethereum matches Bitcoin’s price, analysts still see huge potential for this cryptocurrency within the months ahead.

Neo (NEO)

The cryptocurrency world remains a pretty small one. There are only a couple of names that ring a bell, and Da Hongei is certainly among them. He is the mind behind NEO — an open-source, community-driven platform that leverages blockchain technology to optimize the digital economy.

The Genesis Block resulted in 100 million NEO tokens. Investors received half the tokens, and therefore the rest remains locked into a sensible contract. Every year, a complete of 15 million tokens are released to fund the long-term goals of the NEO development team.

Since January 2019, the NEO Token has nearly doubled from $7.50 to the present $11.00. While this remains a rather risky investment, it’s low price makes it easy to accommodate on any portfolio. The market cap of this “Chinese Ethereum” is about $790 million.

Zcash (ZEC) — Best Privacy Coin to take a position In

Do you think Bitcoin offers you privacy? Think twice. Most cryptocurrencies out there are often tracked right down to their owners by governments and corporations. So… is the privacy dream over? Not exactly. Zcash is that the shelter for those holders trying to find outstanding privacy.

Just like Bitcoin, Zcash features a total fixed supply of 21 million ZEC coins. Aside from its privacy capabilities, ZEC doesn’t differ much from other cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin or Litecoin. Zcash was designed mainly for peer-to-peer value transfers.

The price of Zcash is closely tied to the general market performance. In 2019, this privacy coin reached a peak value of $112, a dynamic aligned with Bitcoin’s mid-year rally. That said, if Bitcoin continues to develop positively, it’s likely Zcash will follow.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is one of the favored projects out there. And it’s been around since 2014, meaning its development is ongoing and it only keeps getting stronger. With a price that’s counted on cents, it’s also among the foremost affordable cryptocurrencies to take a position in.

Stellar — an open-source, decentralized protocol for cross-border transactions — launched with a network consisting of 100 billion stellar tokens. Tokens are now called Lumens or XLM tokens.

The ultimate goal of Stellar is to exchange the SWIFT system, disrupting the worldwide market. Through XLM tokens, the Stellar network enables cross-border transactions between any currency pair. One distinctive characteristic of Stellar is that it is a backbone for other cryptocurrencies. This gives Stellar an enormous opportunity to further develop itself and escalate.


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