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Monday, May 18, 2020

Search Engine Optimize Your Website for Qucik Adsense Approval

Search Engine Optimize
Search Engine Optimize
Create Unique Quality Content

 If you plan on copying content and pasting it then do not bother starting a blog. You will never rank in search engines this way because Google despises duplicate content. Years ago we saw Article Directories take a huge hit because they had so much duplicate content, and the same truths hold today. Search engines want to see new and trending information that is relevant and unique. You should focus on providing this to your readers daily.

I have heard of people who have grown their site only through their content. While this is difficult, it holds if you stay relevant and up to date while providing groundbreaking information. There are certain blogs I read that have amazing content that is constantly shared all over the internet. This is the ultimate goal of every Blogger!

On-Page Optimization

You should have a goal of ranking certain pages for certain keywords. Unfortunately, if your pages are all optimized for their respective keyword, then you will struggle to rank it. If you know all about on-page search engine optimization then you can skip this section, but I will go over some of the key elements.

Title Tags – If you do not have your keyword somewhere in your title tags then it is likely you will never rank. Make sure that all your pages have proper titles as it is extremely important.

Alt Tags – If you are going to use pictures, you should put your keyword in the alt tag. Unfortunately, Google cannot read your picture and know what it is displaying so you should have all your alt tags filled.

Header Tags – Your article title should be in an H1 or H2 header tag. After that, I usually use H3 headers to section off my articles and I keep them related to the main points of my article.

Bold, Em Tags – At least once per article you should put your keyword in both bold and emphasis tags. It will help Google know a little more about the main focus of the article.

Keyword Density – This is a touchy subject but I always say to keep the keyword density below 3%. Your articles should be natural anyway because keyword-stuffed articles rarely rank. Remember, there are thousands of articles probably on the same topic so make yours stand apart with better content, not with keyword stuffing.

Links In Your Article – This has become a very important one for me. I believe that you should be linking to other websites as you mention in your article. For example, I mention websites later in this article so I linked to them. Instead of worrying about keeping all your link juice, focus on providing quality content and the fact that you are giving other resources to your readers. This does not mean you should go start linking to all your competitor's pages though unless they are also linking to you or if their content is just that good.

Meta Descriptions and Keywords – By most accounts, Google does not use Meta Keywords anymore because people tried to exploit them. However, other search engines take into account Meta keywords so I recommend you still use them. As for your Meta description, you need to keep it under 160 characters and you need to focus on writing a quality description for each article you post. Make sure you have your keyword in the description at least once and try to use it in the middle of a sentence. For example, I could put for this article “You can search engine optimize your website by focusing on….” And it will be natural to Google and people will be more likely to click through.

The Hyperlink – Your keyword should be in your link somewhere. With WordPress, you can edit every single link and also just make your settings to put the Post Title in the hyperlink. For example: Doing something like will be just fine.

Authorship – Claim authorship of your blog with your Google+ account. This will eventually be a large part of rankings as better authors will likely rank higher. I believe the prevailing goal of Google will be to have a ranking of blog authors so they can determine what content is good relevant and what content is poorly written. However, you MUST write long and detailed articles for your readers.
Good Navigation and Must-Have Pages

There are certain pages that search engines will look for. If you lack them, your website is not viewed as ‘complete’ since these are vital pages. You can easily create some of these websites in minutes so I recommend you do this.

Browse – Create a browse page right away and always link around to things on your website. You should categorize your website and organize it for both readers and search engine bots. If you have a lot of dead links or if you have no organization at all then you will struggle.

About – Explain yourself, your interests, and your background in your selected niche. The more you can make yourself involved in your blog the better. People like to see that someone is specializing in a certain niche and you should make that apparent.

Contact – You are going to get other bloggers and also readers who want to contact you. Whether they have special offers for you or they just have a question, you should have a contact page. You should also make sure you explain on your contact page when people should expect to get in touch with you. Lastly, make sure you actually check your email, or else your contact page is just there for show.

Privacy Policy – Google looks for this and it is just an important thing to have. I usually create a disclaimer page as well but this is not necessary.

Sitemap – Download the Google XML Sitemaps plugin and then link to your Sitemap in your footer or on your sidebar. Either way, you should have your Sitemap linked to every page.
Engagement and Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate can have a serious impact on your website and its ranking. I once owned a website that was starting to rank high on Google. I was looking for other sources of traffic so I started submitting pages to StumbleUpon. After about a month, my bounce rate jumped so high that I lost my Google traffic and all I was getting were people from StumbleUpon. This is why you have to be careful with your bounce rate.

The first thing I would do is avoid negatively affecting your bounce rate. For example, if you are constantly going to your homepage, check it, and then clicking to a different website then you will hurt your bounce rate. Instead, make sure you are always clicking around to different pages when testing your website. This probably will not make any difference however if you get more than 300 unique visitors per day.

The second thing to do is attempt to engage people. If you have a website that could appeal to members, then create a sign-up page and try to entice and engage your members. If you have a lot of search engine traffic, then make sure you have a well-organized website and also put links in your articles like that. The main thing you need to focus on is getting visitors to look around your website rather than hopping on one page and leaving. Another aspect of this could also be an ugly design, as I do not trust websites that have a design that is stuck in the 1990s. 

Page Loading Times

In the next step of search engine optimization for your website, we need to focus on how long it takes for your pages to load on average. There are a ton of WordPress plugins for this, but the number one rated plugin is called WP Super Cache. This will help your website loading times tremendously and that is important for Google rankings. The next plugin I would use is called W3 Total Cache and when working together with WP Super Cache, it will help your loading times rival authority websites.

Another important aspect of this is the hosting you are using. You should NOT be using a free host because you will likely experience downtime and slow loading times. If you are serious about growing your website and ranking it in search engines, then you need to have good hosting. I use Bluehost and I have never had a problem with them. They manage all my domains, hosting, and I can install WordPress right through Simple Scripts.

Takeaways from SEO Your Website

Always create unique content that is up to date. You can use Google News for updates in your industry or you can buy unique articles from freelance writers. Just make sure that all your articles pass Copy Scape.
You need to put your keyword in certain areas so search engine bots can find and rank your articles. If you are not properly optimizing your articles then you will find yourself outside the top 10 in Search Engine Result Pages.

Make sure you have an About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap page. It also helps to have a browse page to keep all your articles and categories organized.
The engagement has become very important recently, which is why responsive web design has become popular. Focus on keeping current visitors engaged and making people browse through your website.
Use several WordPress plugins to increase your page loading times. You can also clean up some excess code or try to make sure that all your CSS is on one style sheet. Make sure you are using a reliable paid hosting service as well.

Leave your comments below or ask any questions if you have any?

Thanks for reading my article and I always appreciate it when people share my articles!


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