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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Avoiding a Google Adsense ban - New Tips 2020

 Google Adsense
 Google Ad-sense

Google Ad-sense is a boon which has enabled many small businesses to earn money online. However there are a large number of website owners who have gone through the agony of seeing their ad sense accounts getting banned due to an improper understanding of google program policies.

We list some of the key factors to be kept in mind to avoid getting an ad sense ban.

Self-generated clicks

The website owner should not, either manually or through online algorithms click on advertisements placed on his website. Occasional accidental clicks are tolerated. However frequent self-generated clicks are strictly prohibited.

Clicks Generated through Exchange groups

Many users tend to create exchange groups with the sole objective of earning money online by clicking on advertisements on each other’s websites. Such mutual help is highly undesirable in the context of google ad sense and can result in a ban.

Inappropriately Inducing User clicks

The inducement of user clicks by offering monetary incentives or by publicizing advertisements by writing things as “click here for an exciting deal” is a strict no. Also placing videos, audios, or graphics just adjacent to the advertisements may be deemed inappropriate. Sending emails with advertisement links was a popular way of sub averting that has now been plugged by google. Hence do keep this in mind to keep earning money online through Ad-sense.

Inappropriate content

Any text, graphic, audio, or video content which is the exclusive copyright of some individual or organization should not be placed anywhere on the website. An exception is copyrighted material that belongs to the owner and over which he has full legal rights. Also pornographic and content radically violation of social norms of your country of residence is deemed highly inappropriate. For instance a site promoting gambling in India where it is an offense may be banned from ad sense.

Inappropriate Ad placement

Ordinarily website owners have the flexibility to alter the shape size and location of the advertisements on their websites. However modifying ad code to place them in a manner that either result in compulsory clicks or substantial unjustified increase in clicks are prohibited. For instance ads should not be placed in pop-ups or emails. Also the number of ad units on a page is limited to three.

Content Quality

Getting an initial approval does not mean going lax on subsequent content quality. Content quality is highly subjective and there are no hard and fast rules. However as a general guideline, always feature original relevant and interesting content. Also provide site navigation tools to allow the user easy access.

Multiple ad sense accounts

In case you launch a new website just add the Ad-sense code to the new page however do not create a new account as it is deemed an inappropriate practice and can result in a ban.

I f you keep the above factors in mind, a ban shall be a highly unlikely proposition. However we always recommend a thorough reading of terms and conditions and any revisions thereof to keep the process of earning money online flowing smoothly.

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