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Monday, May 18, 2020

5 Free Blog Advertising Techniques for Increased Traffic

Increased Traffic
Increased Traffic

Advertising is important in any business venture. It is the most effective way to attract customers into your business. Your blog is the same and should be treated like a ‘business’. Without advertising, you won’t be able to attract customers to your blog. So, you must set a good marketing campaign for your blog that includes free and paid methods (if you have the budget). However, you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to advertise your blog. You can do it for free.

 Here are 5 ways to advertise your blog for free and increase traffic:

1.Free Blog Advertising Techniques

Write a guest post and publish it to a popular blog within your niche
Writing guest posts and submitting them will help you to attract targeted traffic regularly. You typically only want to submit guest posts to established blogs that have traffic within your niche. As a result of guest blogging, targeted visitors will come to your blog quickly after reading your guest post just to see what other content that you have to offer. Of course, this will only happen if you can write an interesting and engaging guest post.

How to find blogs that want your guest posts?

2.Create a video and make it viral through YouTube

Not all videos that you submit to YouTube will become viral. Yet, making your video viral on YouTube is the most surefire way to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog. So, what is your niche? Can you make a viral video for your niche? Find out the topic that will likely become viral on YouTube and create a video based on this topic. Remember that this video needs to be relevant to your blog topic.

The best thing to do is when starting on YouTube is to translate your current content into YouTube videos. This means that if you write a post about marketing on Pinterest then you can make a video using your content as the basis of the video. Even if your video does not go viral (most don’t) then you can create multiple videos and get traffic from each one every day. Just remember that making YouTube videos will give you good results but they need to be targeted to your niche and also interesting enough to share and spread. If you are very informative and unique, chances are that your videos and even your channel specifically will receive thousands of views daily.

3.Use Social Media to attract followers to your blog

You hear about social media all the time probably when it comes to advertising. You can easily make accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Then, you can update your social media pages as you post, and as people contact you. You can also contact others or start following with others and sharing their content with the hopes they’ll do the same.
The first way I recommend establishing a loyal following is with Twitter. People are using Twitter nowadays to speak their mind about all things that they can think of. But, businesses are using Twitter to strengthen their follower base and make their brands more solid. You can use Twitter to do the same for your blog. You can attract lots of visitors to your blog by creating a good Twitter account for your blog. Also, make sure that what you tweet is something that people will find interesting. In this way, they will march to your blog after reading your simple tweet.
Facebook can be more difficult to get started and I recommend making an initial investment for some likes. Facebook advertising is quite cheap for the reach that you can get. I recommend just starting with a budget of $100 and using $10 per day for 10 days. This will help you build a small following that you can engage with. After that, put a Facebook like a widget on your blog, offer free things for Facebook likes, advertise your Facebook to your email list, and advertise some Facebook updates on your Twitter. In other words, ASK people to like you and make sure you engage with those who are active on your pages the most.
Google+ has been more effective for me than I would have thought. First off, you NEED to utilize Google+ because part of your SEO ranking signals has to do with social media and specifically Google+. Make sure that after you make an account that you set up Authorship (do a Google search it is easy) and become the ‘contributor’ of your blog. Remember that Google is your best friend when you have a blog and making yourself a contributor to all your blogs will help you with your page rankings in the future.

4.Be active on forums within your niche and link to your blog

Forums are also a good marketing channel for your blog. Why? That’s because, in forums, you can mix with your audience and attract their attention toward your blog. Once you have established a strong reputation on many forums within your niche, you can put your blog address in your byline. In this way, your blog address will be visible in all posts that you write. It means free advertising for your blog.

How to be effective on Forums?

Once you get started with a forum you should link to your website in your signature. Not only that, but you should also link it to a sales pitch targeted towards people on the forum. For example, on a dog training forum you might try “How I Easily Cured my Dogs Separation Anxiety” to hone in on a problem and attract people.

Then, the best way to see effective results from forums is to offer valuable insight. There are going to be people who do not know as much as you and you need to inform them. If you write a long reply to someone and feel your website might offer additional help, then say you can also refer to the website in my signature. Above all else, people are more likely to go to your website if they think you are knowledgeable on the topic. In a forum, it is your job to appear as knowledgeable as possible.

5.Write a Press Release that is unique and interesting

Yes I know that your average press release will cost money. However, there are many free press release websites and even cheap ones that can help you drive targeted traffic. You can also try this Press Release gig for $5 on

This step does not always pass as a free advertising method, but it can be very helpful. Some press releases will garner thousands of page views and end up leading to a plethora of new subscribers, which would be your ultimate goal.

Those are 5 ways to advertise your blog for free. When you follow the methods suggested above, you will be able to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog for free. As a result, you will have more opportunities to make money from your blog. Please leave your comments and let me know some of the free advertising methods you use.


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