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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Benifits and Features of Online Advertising Program

Online advertising
Features of

1.  Dedicated client service representative

With your account you get a client service rep with whom you'll email.  They respond among twenty four hours (often a lot of faster). they're going to additionally create suggestions to boost performance.

2.  Ads go with SSL certificate

In August 2014 I put in associate degree SSL certificate on one in every of my niche blogs (to see if i'd get additional organic search traffic from Google World Health Organization declared SSL certificates area unit currently a positive ranking factor). the largest drawback with SSL certificates is that a lot of advertising networks’ ads don't seem to be SSL compliant.  I had to drop three advertisers. fortuitously, ads area unit SSL compliant.  However, you are doing have to be compelled to get your rep to supply you the ad code.

3.  High changing ad style choices

The ad units seem like navigation menus. this is often good as a result of it ends up in a really high CTR.  That said, it’s a 2-click revenue system, which suggests you simply earn revenue on the landing page to that the ad sends guests once the second link is clicked.

Nevertheless, once it’s set up right and properly optimized, you'll still earn nice revenue despite the 2-click method.

4. giant ad choices

I love the 600×250 and 300×600 ad units.  They perform well.

5.  You’re permissible to position ads in sticky or mounted sidebar zones

This is an enormous profit. you can not place Adsense ads in an exceedingly floating/fixed/sticky sidebar zone, however you'll place ads in these zones. one in every of my niche sites generates quite $4,000 per month with one ad units within the sticky zone – browse additional here.

6. Read live ad impression count

This feature doesn’t assist you earn, however it’s quite cool. once you log into your dashboard, there’s a live impressions time period counter. you'll really see the amount of impressions increase whereas within the dashboard.

7. Time period revenue reportage

You have to attend till the subsequent day to seek out out what quantity revenue you generated the day before.  I don’t like this. i prefer seeing however I’m doing throughout the day… particularly once testing new ads.

8. Higher revenue metrics and knowledge

The degree of detail within the reportage is pretty weak. for instance, you will’t track revenue on a URL-basis such as you can with Adsense. i really like having the ability to visualize what quantity I’m creating from individual URLs, however sadly I actually have to invest with  Overall ,their reportage options aren’t nearly as elaborated as Adsense.

9. Several ads area unit a 2-click revenue model

I’ve alluded to the current on top of. for several of the ad formats, you don’t get paid till the second ad is clicked. clearly it might be higher to urge paid from the primary click.

Most of the ad styles seem like web site navigation menus. this is often nice as a result of with correct placement, the press through rate is extremely high.  The draw back is you don’t generate revenue on the primary click. you simply generate revenue on the second click. once the menu-style ad is clicked, it takes the traveler to a landing page containing a protracted list of links.  Those links area unit ads. once one in every of those links area unit clicked, you get paid.

One way to dramatically increase the amount of second clicks (so you get paid) is to raise your rep to form the landing page therefore it looks like your web site.  They did this on behalf of me terribly quickly.  The page shows my brand and uses my site’s colours. this manner it seems as my web site, that dramatically enlarged conversion and revenue.

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